• How do I activate my account?

    Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you used to register. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.

  • What do I do if I didn't receive my account activation email?

    Follow these steps:

    1. Check your spam or junk mail folder.

    2. Try to register again with the same email address.

    3. Reset your password. The "reset password" message will activate your account.

  • My Account is locked

    If you enter the wrong password several times, the system will temporarily block the account for security reasons. You will need to wait an hour to access the platform and you will need to reset your password.


  • Does my Executive Concentration have due dates?

    The MyOnlineCampus Executive Concentration courses are self-managed, but they have suggested progress dates to help you with your curriculum.

  • Does it cost extra to receive the certificate?

    No, your digital certificate is free once you have met the pass criteria.

  • How is the Executive Concentration structured?

    Each Executive Concentration has different modules and material. You can view the syllabus for the course you are interested in by clicking here .

  • Can I enrol in more than one Executive Concentration?

    Yes, you can enrol in as many Executive Concentration courses as you like.

  • Are the Executive Concentration on offer viritual or online?

    Yes, the current Executive Concentration courses we offer are 100% online.


  • Do the course activities have a time limit or expiration date?

    Activities such as homework and quizzes do not have an expiration date, however, you need to do these within the stipulated time period for the Executive Concentration.

  • What is the average pass mark required for an Executive Concentration?

    The required pass mark is 80% or more.

  • How long will it take to receive my certificate once I pass?

    Your certificate can be viewed and downloaded immediately from the "Certificates" section of your account dashboard.

  • When can I start the Executive Concentration?

    You can begin as soon as you have registered and paid.

  • Do I need to work through all the course material in order to complete an Executive Concentration?

    Yes, you need to work through 100% of the course material and finish each lesson to complete the Executive Concentration.


  • How can I pay?

    Our programs are self-paced. Instructors are not available to answer questions related to course content.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Please email with the following information: 1) Your URL/ browser, 2) the device or computer you are using and 3) the specific link/ page you are trying to access.

  • Accepted payment methods

    For an optimal experience, please have the following:  The most recent version of a web browser listed below: 

    Javascript enabled

    PDF plugin

    Graphic and audio output capability

    Broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbps (recommended)

    TLS 1.2 supported by your web browse

    We currently support the latest two versions of all browsers listed, unless otherwise noted. Desktop: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge

    Mobile:  iOS Safari: 11 and up, Chrome, Samsung Internet

    Note that we do not support Internet Explorer. 

  • I have made the payment but didn´t receive a payment notification message

  • Payment receipts

  • Payment policies

  • Refund Policy


  • What is an Executive Concentration?

    Executive Concentration is a collection of 3 modules with a duration of 12 weeks. These Executive Concentration courses are created from modules presented in complete Master's degrees, this guarantees the quality of the course.

  • What is the duration of an Executive Concentration?

    The Executive Concentration courses differ, but on average the duration is 12 weeks.

  • Can an Executive Concentration be certified?

    Yes, when you complete an Executive Concentration you will receive certification.

  • Do I have to enrol at a particular time in order to start an Executive Concentration?

    No, Executive Concentration courses are self-managed and you can enrol at any time. You can study as and when your agenda and schedule allow.

  • Are all Executive Concentration online?

    Yes, the Executive Concentration courses are fully online.

  • I changed my mind and I don't want to do an Executive Concentration, do I get a refund?

    Please review our refund policy.

  • How can I see which Executive Concentration are available?

    You can view our full portfolio of Executive Concentration courses here.


  • How can I log in to my account?

    Use the "Forgot Password" option when you log in to your account, enter the email address you used to register, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

  • I registered and paid for an Executive Concentration course but I don't see it in my account?

    Please contact our support team and we will assist you.


  • How can I pay for an Executive Concentration?

    If you fail the Final Exam in the number of attempts specified within your course, then you must pay to re-take the course or contact us for instructions.

  • What payment methods do you support?

    Please review each program page for specific information about the time commitment for your program. Typically, each program that includes three courses typically requires 135 hours of student engagement.

  • Are there payment plans for the Executive Concentration?

    No. Material in each course must be completed prior to taking any assessments.

  • I paid for an Executive Concentration but I did not receive a confirmation email and the Executive Concentration does not appear in my account.

    Paragon Edu courses, modules, and programs are a concentration of relevant knowledge in high-demand fields of global interest. It is a breakthrough in knowledge acquisition. By having outstanding professors from top universities distill and contextualize knowledge into a concentrated, focused and accelerated format, learners can immediately apply what they learn to a specific field of endeavor. Our courses are aligned with high-demand fields and may help learners acquire new knowledge and skills in their professional area. Please see the specific details in each product page.

  • How can I buy an Executive Concentration?


  • I can log in but I cannot see my Executive Concentration

    Once you have made payment, you will be able to access the Executive Concentration on the dashboard of your account. All your courses will be visible here.

  • There is a problem with playing the video for a lesson

    Please contact our support team and we will assist you.

  • Where do I view my certificates?

    Once you have completed a course, you will be able to view your certificate in the "Certificates" section of your MyOnlineCampus dashboard.

  • Can I message other students who are doing the same course as I am through the platform?

    No, this is not possible.


  • How can I get help if I don't see a solution on this page?

    Although we do not have a contact number for telephonic queries, you can contact our support team through the help centre.

  • How can I contact support in writing if I cannot find a solution to my problem?

    You can submit a ticket to our support team through the help centre.

  • What support can I get if everything is virtual or online?

    MyOnlineCampus courses are self-managed and self-supporting. You will be able to get help through the help centre and our support team.


  • What happens if I do not complete 100% of the Executive Concentrations course material?

    You will not earn the Executive Concentration certificate unless you complete the course material.

  • What are my options if I don't pass the final exam?

    If you don't pass the final exam within two attempts, you will need to pay to retake the Executive Concentration.

  • How many attempts do I have to pass the final exam?

    You will only have two attempts to pass the final exam, then you have to pay to retake the Executive Concentration. Be well prepared and dedicate the time and space you need to take the exam without any distractions.

  • If I take the final exam twice, which grade is recorded?

    You will receive the highest grade of the two attempts

  • Can I download the course material for the Executive Concentration?

    You will be able to download the relevant activity and material for each lesson.

  • Do I need to log in and study every day to complete my Executive Concentration?

    No, but it is recommended that you organise your schedule to make time for your studies.

  • Can I access the lessons from my tablet or phone?

    Yes, the learning management system is designed to be responsive and mobile friendly.


  • Are tutors available to answer questions?

    No. The Executive Concentration courses are designed for self-learning and no academic support is available. We do offer support for issues regarding the platform, enrolment, payment, and certificates.